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Our latest soundtrack release

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"They've put something together that wouldn't sound out of place in a triple A video game or film"
- Kris Rees, Blackletter Games

"I purchased the soundtrack today (deluxe) and I have to say it is by far one of the best board game sound tracks I've heard!...Dracula Unleashed" and "Last Alive" are my faves thus far. Overall, Fordj did a wonderful job."
- Dennis Thompson, Damnation Superbacker 

"...the soundtrack is suberb!"
- András Szabó, Damnation Backer

"Got the Soundtrack - both versions! Awesome addition to the game!"- Benjamin Steffens, Damnation Backer 

Blackletter Games' 'Damnation: The Gothic Game' is a horror board game, for 2-8 players, set in the labyrinthine confines of Dracula's Castle. A group of strangers are pitted against one another in a bloody match to the death.


We, The Fordj, decided to take on the challenge of composing a full orchestral soundtrack to accompany these characters on what will be the most terrifying night of their lives. 


We wanted to immerse players in the world of the game by not only providing a haunting classical score, but by also drenching the entire experience in sound effects, voices and ambience that players would expect to hear in a gothic castle on a stormy night. 

We knew a demonic chorus was a must, but to really bury players in the theme, we wrote and sang in it Romanian, the language of the Lord of Vampires himself.

Discover more about the effects of music on gaming with this research article:

'The Effects of a Soundtrack on Board Game Player Experience'

Too long? Look at the supplementary video on this page:


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