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Damnation: The Gothic Game - The Official Soundtrack
1 Album,
3 Versio

Primarily a board game soundtrack, wanted to create an album that people could use as a gameplay experience enhancer, using music, sound effects and ambient soundscapes to fully immerse players in the world of 'Damnation: The Gothic Game.' However, we also wanted the music to exist outside of the game, free of the added sound design, to be enjoyed as a piece, in and of itself, We knew some people would want one version, some the other version, and some both.


Cover ambient version.png


The Ambient Version is the version to listen to while you play Damnation: The Gothic Game(or any other game set in a gothic mansion). The castle is a living, breathing world here, with the constant threat of the unknown lurking around each and every corner. Expect squeaks, creaks, anguished howls, bitter taunts, driving rain and the rumble of distant thunder. Contains 21 TRACKS and lasts OVER 90 MINUTES.


Our soundtrack isn't just just functional but also, we hope, something to be appreciated on its own merits. Here we have removed all sound effects and ambience so our audience can listen, and enjoy the score as they would any other piece of music. This version can also be used as a tool by Game/Dungeon Masters during their own gaming sessions, with the further option of adding any ambience of their choosing to complement the experience. Contains 21 TRACKS and lasts OVER 90 MINUTES.

Cover symphonic version.png
Cover deluxe version.png



For those who want the collectors' experience, we have the Deluxe double album, featuring BOTH the cinematic immersion of the AMBIENT VERSION, as well as the isolated score of the SYMPHONIC VERSION, together on 1 double album. Also contains the single edit of Hymn For The Damned. Please note that, due to its size of 43 TRACKS, this version can only be purchased via the shop.

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